Wilmington NC Antique Shops

Wilmington NC Antique Shops

Baker StreetBaker Street Curiosity Shop

Baker Street Curiosity Shop is located in Wilmington, NC with a fairy tale like aura that is rich with history and a treasure trove of antiques, furniture and other “Curious Items”. Our name comes from the London address of the world’s most celebrated detective, Sherlock Holmes and his dedicated companion Dr. Watson whose address was 221-B Baker Street.

6720 Market St , Wilmington, NC 28411


the-ivy-cottage-wilmington-ncThe Ivy Cottage

The Ivy Cottage was opened in 1998 by the mother/daughter team of Sam Dunn and Kelaine Vargas. Sam (the mother) owned a bed & breakfast in Wilmington and Kelaine (the daughter) graciously agreed to help out there for a year before she went on to graduate school. Unfortunately, the B&B was a little too quiet for two people who had spent their lives living and traveling all over the world with the military, so the idea of The Ivy Cottage was born.

The Ivy Cottage previews each item and selects the highest quality pre-owned furniture and accessories. Our goal is to provide the finest in pre-owned home furnishings and accessories.

3020 Market Street, Wilmington, NC 28403


Adams on Castle
606 1/2 Castle St., Wilmington
(910) 251-2224

Antiques of Old Wilmington
25 S. Front St., Wilmington
(910) 763-6011

Eddies Antiques & Collectibles
127 N. Front St., Wilmington
(910) 342-0026

Far East and Beyond
225 S. Water St., Ste. 1, Chandler’s Wharf, Wilmington
(910) 815-2865

Michael Moore Antiques
539 Castle St., Wilmington
(910) 763-0300

New Castle Antique Center
606 Castle St., Wilmington
(910) 341-7228